Women: Empowering and Inspiring Role Models in the healthcare industry

Women-Empowering and Inspiring Role Models in the healthcare industry
Do you take women in the working world for granted? Sometimes its easy to expect that the service we receive should be nothing but the best, but have you ever considered that all those women have a life outside of their jobs. In healthcare, numerous caregivers are women who fulfil many roles in their lives – wives, mothers, breadwinners, employers, employees to name a few. They show up for us every day, putting their own personal problems and schedules aside, to make a significant impact in the lives of everyone they interact with.
Many of us know Florence Nightingale, as the founder of the nursing profession. Known as “The Lady of the Lamp” she has become an icon of gentleness and kindness during the Crimean War, in which she organized care for wounded soldiers at Constantinople. But did you know she was the statistician who produced a diagram that changed the world? Florence Nightingale was far more than a gentle helper, she was at the forefront of fighting for a health revolution in the Crimean War. Her data showed how premature deaths went hand in hand with unclean conditions. At first this was not accepted by those already in power, but she was outraged and did not give up, waging a war of her own. Her weapon – a diagram. Finally, she was heard, and they took note. But when her message reached home, she found herself at the other end of nursing care, recovering from a long illness she had acquired while serving her patients in the war. She never gave up. She put her own suffering aside using her own personal weapon, data and a diagram, to win a war for all of us.
There are so many women who play critical roles in the healthcare system. Doctors, nurses, paramedics, medical assistants, cleaners, administrative staff and those who handle the behind-the-scenes details with medial aids. These women work in high stress environments and follow the example of Florence Nightingale, demonstrating care and compassion, working behind the scenes as a voice campaigning for us, even when facing their own personal challenges. So next time you have dealings with someone in healthcare, take the time to consider what they may have left behind, to show up for you. We owe them an enormous debt. Their bravery, dedication and commitment, caring for those in need must be highlighted and appreciated not only today, but every day.