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Medical website

What to include in a website, that others forget.

In our previous blog “As a medical specialist do I need a website?” we questioned Founder of The Brand Collective, Natalie Weeden, on “Why you require a website?”, “How a web developer can help you?” and “The 7 common mistakes found in DIY websites”.

In this blog, we look at the often neglected elements that should have top priority when planning your medical website.

Fact: 7% of the 3,8 billion Google searches conducted daily are medical-related (information provided by internet live stats and Google Medical). With this in mind, we dive into the often neglected elements that should be included on a medical website. Tips to set you apart from others.

The Medical Website Must Have’s:

  • Friendly Imagery
  • Location Information
  • Your CV
  • Patient reviews
  • Answered Questions
  • Book an appointment

Friendly Imagery

Showcasing, happy, active, healthy humans enjoying a life of vitality is more appealing than a bedridden, sad, immobile person. Visuals trigger emotion and influence information retention. Choose images that share how you can improve your patient’s way of life.

Do not use:

  • Overused Stock images
  • Unimaginative generic images
  • Poor quality, pixelated or badly sized images
  • Imagery not representing your target market

Include the following images:

  • People smiling whilst talking to their doctor
  • New smiling moms
  • Active seniors
  • Parents enjoying activities with their children
  • Individuals hiking or walking in a nature space

Location Information

It does sound like an obvious inclusion. You would be surprised how many websites exclude a map or hide the address in small print and the back page. Make your address visible immediately on the Home Page along with a link to Google Maps for ease of directions. 

Did you know Google Maps is the preferred navigation choice of all smartphone users by 70%? The second is Waze.

By optimizing ‘Google My Business‘, you provide an opportunity for those searching ‘Doctor nearest me‘ to locate you immediately, view your speciality, contact details, patient reviews and a link to your website. With positive online reviews and completed business information, you help strengthen your ‘local’ Google ranking. 


Along with critical insight into your medical career, allow space for your speciality focus and procedures. Equally: don’t forget the human element by letting them know your downtime hobbies and sporting or cultural aspirations, not forgetting a friendly image of yourself.

Patient Reviews

 “74% of consumers identify word-of-mouth as a key influencer in their purchasing decision,” said Adweek. Placing case studies with patients feedback will soothe the new patient that you can assist their need. Besides creating trust within your community, your patient reviews will improve your website SEO too. Your website will rank higher on Google, permitting more future patients to find your website. Remember, commending patient reviews should be accessible from each webpage. 

In short, you want your website user to leave your site convinced you are the expert in your speciality. And more importantly, your community ‘rubber stamps’ this statement.

Answered Questions

With so many people seeking Dr Google’s diagnosis daily. How important is it to provide correct factual medical information on the world wide web?

Placing answered questions on your site not only reduces your staff time on the telephone but also assists the patient in identifying whether they should be seeking your medical care or not.

Inform your web user of your specialist surgery care, including common complaints, procedures you provide and healing time. We are not talking about “Symptom Checkers”. Rather questions and answers related to your speciality, giving the reader the brief mechanics of potential procedures their complaints may require.

Book an Appointment

Last but not least, as a healthcare worker your aim is to provide the ultimate healthcare service possible. Equally, you own a business that requires patients through your door to pay the bills. Therefore your website should have a call-to-action. Tell the prospective patient what to do next. Do you want them to telephone for their appointment or email? Whichever you choose, ensure the preferred contact details are in bold on each page. Along with the call-to-action words “Book your appointment” by dialling xxx”.

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