Practice Set Up

What Can Our Medical Practice Setup Consultants Do for You?

As medical practice setup consultants, we have many years of experience in helping medical professionals to start up their own independent practices.   

Are you currently:

  • Employed by the government and longing for your private practice?
  • Relocating from another province within South Africa to KwaZulu-Natal?
  • Have you been working in Private for some time now, and need to branch out? Or operating within a partnership or association and it is time to create your solo or two-man practice?

As we have inspired and assisted specialists on their bold transitional journey before, our team understand the ‘scary’ in this big move. We methodically work through the 40 tasks required to get your proficient practice settled in the neighbourhood.

We Provide You With:

Billing Strategy

Despite years spent studying and training, most doctors find that business skills are absent from their training. Fortunately for you, we have the ‘know-how’ to get your practice ‘smart’ ready.

We immediately focus on:-

  • Assistance with PCNS/Practice number registration
  • Medical aid registration
  • Company registration
  • Investigate financial assistance
  • Advise on billing rates and DSP contract options


Do you know how to position your practice as an expert in your discipline? Our medical practice setup consultants know how to make you stand out amongst tough competition.

We ensure your creative needs are covered:

  • Logo design
  • Website design and development
  • Domain name registration & creation of email addresses
  • All your stationery needs both print and digital
  • Patient forms prepared and printed
  • Post box and telephone numbers registered
  • The all-important marketing campaign to get your name known amongst the local medical fraternity and neighborhood.


Sourcing the right location for your practice is one of the most crucial factors in determining long term success of your business. 


  • Source suitable rooms
  • Ensure workspace and flow is utilized optimally
  • Assist with interior design & décor needs.
  • Procure all medical and office consumables required.


Which system do I use in my medical practice? What can I expect from my clouds system?

 Our IT experts will:

  • Advise and install all essential hardware and software needs
  • Assist in procuring computers, printers, internet, cloud-based data storage & back up power source
  • Set up of digital dictation systems
  • Practice management software
  • Register with service providers

Financial and Legal Advice

Doctors legal and financial concerns are very distinct. Your insurance concerns are unique and we at Practice PLUS work with those professionals who offer decades of collective experience in the medical-legal and financial area.

Our team of focused medical financial and legal advisors provide:

  • Correct business structuring
  • VAT registrations 
  • Tax management 
  • Payroll functions
  • Contracts and service level agreements put in place
  • Patient forms reviewed
  • Guidelines for Practice Terms and Conditions


Sourcing for one medical practice is expensive, with our buying power we are able to purchase cost effectively for your practice.

  • We source and obtain medical equipment and consumables
  • Co-ordinate with the banker if purchased through a loan facility
  • Co-ordinate insurance cover for all items purchased
  • Supply all basic stationery, kitchen and cleaning items for the practice
  • Source office furniture and further office interior needs

Billing Administration

Are your chargeable hours or family time ‘on hold’ as you try to get through to Medical Aids, chase debt and grasp your management system? 

Perhaps another frustration is waiting for staff to learn your systems, maternity leave or simply staff turnover. These are real headaches that hinder your clinical earning hours. Undoubtedly, all scenario’s Practice PLUS can resolve for you.

At Practice Plus we simplify your business burden – so can you provide quality patient care. 

We utilize Eminence billing software at Practice PLUS, a software created for Southern African specialists. Our staff are proficient in multiple billing programs, should you currently be happy with your software we will continue with your preferred choice. As well as assist in your transition to a new platform. 

Our experienced staff are alert to spot any problems within your billing. Plus we keep up to date with ever-changing medical billing regulations and needs; your financial interest is our focus.

How do we make you profitable?

  • Set up and training of administration policies
  • Determining a billing program
  • Confirm your billing policy
  • Electronically submitted billing
  • All debt collection managed by Practice PLUS
  • Hand over process managed with a legal team
  • Claims submitted daily

Monthly Reporting

We provide regular face-to-face or virtual feedback meetings. Here dedicated time is allowed for your input on debts, analytical insight and accounts. 

Practice Plus simplifies the accounting language, so you know exactly where you stand.

  • Financial reports available 
  • Your billing financial snapshot 
  • Monthly report

Billing Process

Our results-driven team know how to track down payments, stay on top of medical aid updates and assist in increasing your revenue. 

Our years of experience in handling medical aids, PMBs and IOD patients, allow for prompt payment into your bank account.

We outsource for all WCA claims. Practice PLUS co-ordinates:

  • Paperwork
  • Submission
  • Billing of all claims

Claims are paid directly to the doctor.

*Practice PLUS charge a small administration fee.

Depending on your needs, for a small additional fee you can access our Electronic Patient Management Software.  You can use this program to manage your diary across any device, to electronically take and save your clinical notes, generate electronic scripts, save all your patient files, letters and reports.  Seamlessly integrated to receive laboratory results from Ampath and Lancet.  The system allows you to create your own forms and templates and data analytics can be pulled from these.  The system is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week on any device anywhere with an internet connection.

Monthly Fee

Our percentage outcome-based billing is super competitive and adapted to your needs. 

We understand one size does NOT fit all, therefore our packages are bespoke to cater to your needs.

Would you like to enlist the help of our medical practice setup consultants? Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help make you more successful and make your life less stressful!

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