We believe in the impact of upskilling staff members, not only for the sustainability of staff but also their self-esteem.

Often it is so difficult to allow staff members time away from work to attend a course in a major centre. Transportation, relief staff or a deadline are constraints.

At our spacious Hilton premises, we have the facilities to host workshops, so not only our staff but your staff can step out for a couple of hours to champion a fundamental law or Act before returning to work.

Be on the lookout for our next event.

Case Study

Case Study 2: Explosive foot injury and sudden bills

The youngest Le Roux family member suffered an explosive foot injury which required emergency attention. Not understanding medical billing terminology and suddenly finding themselves responsible for fighting with the medical aid for shortfalls from service providers, the Le Roux’s could luckily call on Practice Plus for assistance, who were billing on behalf of their surgeon.

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